About DaneTransit


The Dane Alliance for Rational Transportation (DART) believes it should be easier for everyone in Dane County to get where they need to go without needing to drive. We also believe many who want to help make that happen, or to follow the latest efforts to do so, already have enough to do without adding more meetings or volunteer activities to their lives.

That’s why DART is sponsoring the Dane Transit Coalition (or DaneTransit, for short) as an online community of area residents interested in efforts to improve and expand public transit in greater Madison and Dane County. The DaneTransit.org web site and associated social media platforms are designed to make it easy to stay up-to-date and engaged without demanding too much of your time and energy.

If that appeals to you, we invite you to sign on as a subscriber to DaneTransit. There are no dues, committees or other organizational trappings and we won’t ask for donations, bombard you with “action alerts,” or share your contact information with anyone else. 

As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy access to resources for following and discussing current transit planning efforts as actively (or not) as you like. All we ask in return is that you agree to be counted* as as a supporter of good regional public transit.

DaneTransit is a volunteer effort not affiliated with any public agency or commercial entity. Beyond a general commitment to more and better public transit (which we assume subscribers share), DaneTransit makes no assumptions about what form that should take or how best to bring it about. DaneTransit takes no position on any particular policy issue, proposal, or initiative and does not engage in lobbying or partisan political activity.

Eventually, if there’s enough interest, an actual organization advancing a more specific transit agenda may form out of the “virtual” community of DaneTransit subscribers, through a process in which all subscribers will be invited to participate. Should that occur, the online, mainly informational version of DaneTransit will continue for those interested in staying involved that way.

If, having read and understood all this, you wish to add your name to our list and your voice to our conversation, it’s easy to subscribe using our online form.

Welcome aboard!


*While DaneTransit will not name individual supporters/subscribers, we may publicize the total number of subscribers as one indicator of local support for transit.


Map at top right courtesy Madison Area Transportation Planning Board